April 26 Webinar

Did something come up and you couldn't make it to our webinar?

No problem! SafetyTek has you covered. 

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How safety makes you money

  • Traditionally safety is seen as a cost
  • Outdated safety processes are wasting money
  • Trained safety professionals are spending too much time in the office
  • Safety departments are still chasing paper
  • Create safety habits using technology
  • No idea when or where documents are completed, if at all
  • No accountability to workforce using paper
  • High risk of incidents/injuries and stop work orders
  • Documents get submitted when convenient for workers

How to engage your workers in safety

  • Minimal time by managers in the field to provide feedback
  • Safety feedback takes too long to put into place (ex: form changes)
  • New age workforce needs new age tools
  • Safety is seen as a waiver to the work force

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