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We know the amount of effort it takes to prepare a structured toolbox talk for your staff. We've done the work for you. In this PDF you will find 10 prepared toolbox talks that you can deliver directly to your workforce for your weekly topics.
The topics covered are:
  • Summer Heat
  • Electrical Safety
  • Eye Protection
  • An excuse to NOT work safely?
  • Lifting
  • Crane Booms and Powerlines
  • Roof Cutters and Power Brooms
  • Roof Housekeeping
  • First Aid
  • Moving Equipment


As you all know, SafetyTek is dedicated to hearing your voices and delivering what the industry wants and needs. So with that in mind if you have any requests for future toolbox talks please send them to us so we can prepare them for another distribution!

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Tim Padfield
"Great tool and Great Support

After reviewing at least 5 other potential providers software and a short trial with SafetyTek we fully implemented this software within weeks to a staff of 50+ people and so far we are achieving great success with this tool. Our staff have embraced it well and SafetyTek have been excellent to work with to make small customizations where we needed it.  I highly recommend this tool to anyone who has a safety program and is still using paper."

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