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Easy and Accountable data collection directly from your workforce accessed direcrtly from your fingertips.


Automatic safety compliance

Access and use on ANY device

Assign corrective actions

GPS and time stamping all form submissions

Marty Hilchey

"Finally, Safety is not about chasing paperwork! User friendly, GREAT customer service at an affordable price! Our staff have been very receptive to the program. All forms are submitted and filed in real time – so no need to drive around tracking down coffee-stained hazard assessments and scanning documents for hours. We have easily doubled our worker participation rate in the Safety Program since starting with SafetyTek. Workers can provide feedback on how to make forms more effective and the required changes can be made for use the same day! The return on investment is great – far less labor required to manage and maintain a Safety Program with SafetyTek.

I highly recommend this company!"

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