For prime contractors managing subcontractors is a difficult balance. Using SafetyTek makes this process much simpler. By adding all workers in a workforce into SafetyTek and monitoring them in real-time you will gain insight into your company safety performance that you would have never had before.

SafetyTek holds subcontractors accountable by performing tasks in real-time but also by providing an easy method to access and submit safety forms directly to you. From the dashboard you are able to see a consolidated view of corporate safety data, or filter it to see how a particular sub is performing.

As a prime contractor early adopter you receive unlimited access to the SafetyTek platform. Unlimited users, subs, sites, and forms so you can include your entire organization. You will even get preferred feature requests and development. This will allow us to tailor make a product to fit all of your needs and more!

How it works

Enroll in the program

Submit; safety policy, subcontractors list, and active projects

Form review and deploy

Training for key personal



Send your company’s safety manual and SDS’s to one of our team members. Include a list of subcontractors that you would like entered into the system.


We will build your safety policy to be deployed digitally. Upload your safety manual and SDS so all users can access. Add your subs so you can deploy them on job sites.


Upon completion a review process will allow you to make any changes or additions to your policy.

System Deployment

Once your safety policy is completed we will build your company's users and crews into the system based on your company operations, so all users have access to the appropriate forms required. The system will not allow for incorrect form submissions or filing. We will then add in your subcontractors as objects that you can move around from site-to-site as required. This will give the subcontractor access to sites that you placed them on.



Training is less than 20 mins and can be done simply by having your workers gather at a meeting to provide a very brief overview to access the system.

This allows them to gain the confidence needed to begin using a digital system for safety form submissions.

SafetyTek has been built to be the most intuitive and simple to use digital safety management system available.

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The prime contractor early adopter program is priced with 50% off of an annual subscription in the first year. There are currently 10 available early adopter positions available so please submit your request below.