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SafetyTek Central Platform

The Only platform with comprehensive safety management and field engagement. Monitor the performance of your safety program form anywhere in the world.

All field level documentation, auditing, incident management, corrective actions, training tracking, and our patented reminders algorithm.

Industry Leading Features

SafetyTek's industry leading features allows companies to effectively implement and manage safety form the cloud without any need to have prior training on managing computer systems. 

Our flagship products empower companies to pursue and manage safety like never before, giving them insights into their safety program that would normally be unavailable in other digital or paper systems.

Field Worker Ready

Our applications have been built with the field worker in mind. It all starts with the easiest navigation to eliminate mistakes. Our bespoke newsfeed gives field workers all access to recent events so in the case of an inspection they can pull up any document that they may need to.

The entire platform has been architected for ease of use. Only two clicks to access anything!

Make Safety Simple



An accountable and engaged workforce will submit forms from the field directly into the management system for instant retrieval, basic construction safety processes are automated


See real-time form submissions roll in from the field. Quit chasing paper, no more trips from the field to the office. Eliminate downtime caused by incidents. Have your safety staff focus on what matters, safety!


Bridge the gap between the office and site. SafetyTek builds company specific safety forms and deploys them to the workforce. All safety submissions are managed allowing data to be located in seconds, assisting in making critical decisions.

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Replace Paper Processes

Simply replace your current paper processes without adding extra steps or more work to your all ready full plate.

  • Every new form submission saves you 4 hours of time
  • Be ready for audits as all form submissions are automatically filed for retrieval
  • Export submission content to CSV to dive deep into the data or import into external software packages
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What our clients say

  • For anyone who has attended safety courses/seminars over the years we have 
all heard the same messages of the need to change the safety culture within an organization to achieve the desired results. Well easier said than done…. The WCB claim costs since implementing SafetyTek have dropped by 85% (that’s just for 2016). That is a dramatic improvement in Safety which in turn contributes 
significant improvement to the bottom line.

    Dan Root

    Corporate Safety Officer | Lear Construction

  • Finally, Safety is not about chasing paperwork! User friendly, GREAT customer service at an affordable price! Our staff have been very receptive to the program. All forms are submitted and filed in real time – so no need to drive around tracking down coffee-stained hazard assessments and scanning documents for hours. We have easily doubled our worker participation rate in the Safety Program since starting with SafetyTek. Workers can provide feedback on how to make forms more effective and the required changes can be made for use the same day! The return on investment is great – far less labor required to manage and maintain a Safety Program with SafetyTek. I highly recommend this company!

    Marty Hilchey

    Safety Officer | Special Events Rentals

  • Safetytek is a Safety Coordinators best friend. As the Safety Co-coordinator for IBP & IPS, I organize, monitor and maintain the safety forms and the basic safety standard that needs to be maintained by the 18 active crews with over 100 people across Western Canada. The software provided has been user friendly for the crew to implement in the field as it is on their phones, this eliminates the risk of losing pieces of paper. Crews can now submit their safety forms in real time along with the ability to view the weather allowing for more accurate updating of the hazard assessments. Craig Fraser has been a definite benefit in aiding us with the setup of all our safety forms and has been available to attend job sites to train myself and the foreman in proper administration to the crew regarding use of program.

    Steve Auerbach

    Safety Co-coordinator | Integrity Building Products